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  So What Are Some of Those Current Ranking Trends?..
Backlinks will always hold weight when it comes to ranking algorithms but the quality and diversity of your  backlinks is more important than ever before. The days of building spammy backlinks 1000 at a time and then juicing them with low quality links for an instant boost are dead. Pyramid, &/or tiered strategies can still work, but they can't be done so quickly, and even more importantly there must be diversity within your websites backlinks.

There's a few critical aspects of Googles current ranking trends that many people are not familiar with & you can bet your bottom dollar the rest of the major search engines will follow suit IF they haven't already...
1. Websites must be mobile optimized. This is critical because Google now does mobile 1st indexing.
2. Business branding is a major ranking signal in 2019 - more on this in a moment.
3. Page speed. Load time has always been a factor but now more than ever, page speed must be on point.
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If you don't know already please allow me to fill you in...
Search Engine traffic (organic traffic) is the BEST traffic. It's keyword targeted, it's passive, its basically infinite and maybe best of all it's free forever. As long as you did your due diligence in selecting your keywords than any traffic generated via those keywords will be extremely targeted. It's passive because once its flowing it doesn't require constant work or promotion to keep it flowing!

Unfortunately optimizing your blog or website enough to receive that search engine traffic is a process, its a complex process that is going to take some time dedication & in most cases some professional assistance. However - when considering the overall value of search engine traffic, wouldn't you agree time dedication & a monetary investment would be a fair trade off?..

If you want to reap the benefits of getting constant search traffic virtually on complete auto pilot you MUST make sure your Internet real estate is keeping up with the current ranking trends.
Mobile Optimized
Think about this... SE's are currently, as you read this snippet doing mobile 1st indexing. Optimizing your site for
mobile viewing is no longer an option its an absolute necessity!
Business Branding
Ever hear of a linkless backlink?.. Me neither, but some experts believe your Brand being out there or better yet trending will add ranking value via authority backlink or no.
Load Time
Of course your sites load time has always been a major ranking factor...
Luckily for us (webmasters/bloggers) we have the tools to fix that potential issue once and for all!
We've put together several services with current trends in mind. We've been consistently improving our clients rankings by using strategies that have been proven effective in 2019. While rankings are climbing the charts (which takes time) we also offer several services designed to build your brand via professional design, social media & video optimization techniques.
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We won't just beat any other web service providers price, we'll also guarantee better results. Because we're going to evaluate your site before we do anything, it gives us an opportunity to create a service tailor fit to your sites specific needs. This is the reason it's best nothing is decided prior to knowing exactly what our clients want or need, which also gives the ability to stay within your specific budget.

If your not extremely knowledgeable in Search Engine Optimization its very dangerous to buy a service with a buy now button because of the fancy graphics and pro sales copy. We only send our clients PayPal invoices because every client has specific needs & a specific budget. Just for the record, we are a Paypal verified business with a perfect track record - we've had ZERO disputes in 6+ years of business!
We also consistently work for other service providers. Give us your clients information to evaluate, if you need more than 3 website URL's optimized we offer wholesale pricing. I'm confident fellow services providers will be extremely pleased with our wholesale pricing.

Lastly you can check out JUST SOME of the verifiable testimonials we've racked up over the years @;
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